When the dramatic and sweeping lines of the Lexus LF-LC concept took the auto design world by storm in 2012 many had probably wondered if such a mesmerising luxury coupe would ever come to life. The reality is that Lexus has now implanted a throbbing 5-litre V8 motor in the LF-LC coupe to give it life. The Lexus LC 500 made its global debut at the 2016 Detroit Motor on Monday (11 January 2016).

Ask any driving enthusiast about their image of heaven, and the description will very likely include a mountain road and a nimble, athletic car of sorts. Just imagine carving corners through Mpumalanga’s Robber’s Pass in something like a Ford Fiesta ST or a Subaru STI, the squeal of tortured rubber competing with the roar of the engine: car and driver become one machine, arguing with the laws of physics. Heavenly indeed, but for most of us, a mere pipe dream.