Congratulations to Marius Crous, who earned himself a pair of Volvo Iron Mark sunglasses worth R746. Marius gave the correct answer to the question "Is the Volvo V40 Cross Country equipped with City Safety as standard?". The answer is yes and Marius’s name was the first to be randomly chosen.

Driving our V40 is a bit like playing Atari in the 1980s

We know the V40 Cross Country is more of an embellished hatchback than, say, a talented off-roader like the Subaru XV. The Cross Country rides only slightly higher off the ground than the standard V40, but this does give it a marginally softer ride, which is perfect for gravel travel. So that’s what we did.

The V40 is the most popular Volvo here in SA – for good reason: It’s a joy to behold, even after three years of production. The Chris Benjamin / Peter Horbury design has the kind of flair and flow that’s more Alfa Romeo or Maserati than traditionally restrained Volvo. (This is also in stark contrast to the 2015 Volvo XC90, that is far too reminiscent of the 2007-2012 Hyundai Santa Fe or Audi Q5.)